Introduction to the DAB world

Overview on the main basic concepts that characterize a pump operation and the main constructive elements of a pump. Quick look on the range of products (price list and catalogue) and relevant applications. Practical experience with electronic products on working demo units. Factory visit.

Theoretical analysis

Basics on mechanics and electronics related to pump technology with a particular focus on constructive solutions for the different types of pumps. Examples of applications in systems. Comfort and energy saving in the world of pumps

Product course

PDedicated presentations for each of DAB products and practical demonstration on operation and parameter setting procedures, using dedicated demo units.

Waste water tanks for domestic use

Understanding in detail the various methods of control of a pre-assembled pumping station for wastewater that can be implemented through the new control panel. Illustration of settings and advanced configuration for optimum control of the entire system.

Fire-fighting course

Recalls on the main applicable national and European regulations in force. Characterization of plant elements with the analysis of the salient points of the existing system regulations in the field of active water protection installations. Overview on the range of DAB products complying with UNI EN 12845 and UNI 10779 standards

Drilling and submerged pumps

Energy efficiency of heating systems with nods to European standard ERP reference. Design criteria of the systems and the selection of pumps based on the calculation of the real building heat requirement. New technological solutions to drive with particular attention to the types of regulation and the correct setting of the circulation pumps based on the type of system adopted. Overview on the features of the various product classes

VSD pressurization course

Analysis of the advantages in terms of comfort and energy saving deriving from the use of pumps for pressurizing water, driven by VSD systems, with particular attention to the realization of multi-pump groups both domestic and industrial. Overview on the features of the various product classes

Civil waste water systems

Residential and commercial applications: fundamentals of sewage collection systems and sizing of in-flow and out-flow for a correct choice of submersible pumps and collection tanks. Guidelines for the choice of solutions like for the pumps (including the new FK range) and control panels

Drilling and submerged pumps

Introduction to drilling techniques and criteria for the correct selection of suitable borehole pumps. Technical study on the entire range of submersible pumps from 3 to 14 inches


Overview on the software and hardware elements that implement a BMS system with focus on the control of devices for HVAC applications with particular attention to the MODBUS/LONBUS protocols. Example configuration with pump Evoplus

Under Costruction